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Walking – Day 5 October 11, 2010


OMG – I just checked the blog, and the last time I actually got up early and walked was September 18. That’s just over 3 weeks! Jeez – that’s not good. It’s been 3 weeks of laziness, dvd marathons and inertia; pizza, chocolate and maxi pads.


So anyway I finally got up, got my ass out and walked. Took my brand, spanking new camera and pen and paper. Got some nice shots, walked by the water and wrote some shit. These are my random, stream of consciousness impressions while breathing heavy on a bench.


On the grand stand, above the water across from the Bayonne bridge. The sound of the water lapping is calming but mind starts to think of the wood rotting, giving way; me plunging into the murky water beneath. Can’t swim, fear of suffocation. Not a panic exactly, – just a minor trepidation. As I’m writing – notice some grey schmutz on my sweater.


Temp is brisk – nose is running. 2 women walk by, speaking Chinese, and carrying weights. Years ago I bough ankle weights and hand weights. I should really dig those out and try them on a walk.


Got some nice random shots. Feeling a little dizzy – maybe walking before eating – not such a good idea. Never happened before. Med schedule is fucking ridiculous – take 2 pills on empty stomach, wait 2 hours, take diff pill on empty stomach, wait ½ an hour, eat something, take the rest of meds.


Maybe I’ll walk some more till my camera batteries run out. Taking more photos than doing actual walking, but still it’s good to get out. (Hope I can read this when I get back.) On 2nd thought maybe I’ll just go back now – more dizziness. Maybe lie down. Maybe just take pills on non-walking day – get up, swallow, go back to sleep. Walking days – eat something, then walk.


While sitting here writing a power walker that I saw as I came into the park passes by. I think she’s circled the park twice and I haven’t actually made it that far. Ah well – each to their own pace. Still managed to stay out for an hour. Must bring more paper and batteries next time.


Ooh, look – it’s 8:46. Been up for almost 3 hours. I can eat something. Yippee!!







2 Responses to “Walking – Day 5”

  1. slpmartin Says:

    You should watch that dizziness thing when walking my friend…won’t help to walk if you end up on the pavement. 😉

  2. I’m very much hit and miss when it comes to walking. I’ll walk every day for a week or two, then a month may go by before I do it again.

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