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Extreme Living, continued February 28, 2014


Remember that Extreme Cheapskates post I did? Well, the one I just watched takes the cake.


Well, the cake ball, as it were.


Mark Parisi of Las Vegas participates in paid clinical research trials. In the ep I saw he was looking forward to an upcoming trial where he would get paid $35,000. All he has to do is …


    donate a testicle.






But don’t worry – they would also insert a prosthetic one in its place.



(Source: Unitednuclear.com)

(Source: Unitednuclear.com)

Somebody could break a tooth on that sucker!


He was excited about it. I mean it is $35,000, but … that’s a tough one.




Alas, he did not qualify for the study.


Hey, to anybody who reads this: I’d be willing to donate a shriveled Fallopian tube if you’ve got the cash. Somebody?






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