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Texas high school holds early graduation ceremony for student with cancer October 23, 2014

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A special graduation ceremony was held Monday at Kilgore High School in Texas for Lynzee Ford, who is battling cancer.

The 17-year-old was diagnosed with leukemia in January, according to KLTV. After five rounds of chemotherapy, doctors told the young student she has about four months to live.

The school’s gym was filled with Kilgore residents and mayor, as well as Ford’s family and friends.

“It’s a culmination of kindergarten through twelve years of education for her, and a life of memories with her and her classmates. Lynzee is one of the strongest people I know, and she’s taught us a lot about family and fighting and never giving up,” Kilgore teacher and assistant coach Kathy Mehringer said during the ceremony, according to KLTV.

Lynzee Ford

(Photo: I Love Lynzee Facebook)

“Graduation is a right of passage for every high school student,” Ford’s mother told KETK. “Just like prom is, your…

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Stacey Dash: Minorities feel ‘worthless,’ have ‘plantation mentality’ under Dems October 17, 2014

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Blah, blah blah

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Well, it looks like Clueless star Stacey Dash has put her foot in her mouth yet again.

The 47-year-old actress appeared Tuesday on Fox News’ Hannity and gave her revealing insight on the social welfare programs supported by the Democratic party.

When asked if Obamacare has helped the minority community? Dash said, “No.”

“It still keeps them stuck. They are getting money for free,” Dash said. “They feel worthless. They are uneducated. I mean, as long as you are that way, they (Democrats) can keep you under their control.”

Dash, who has been working for Fox News as a guest commentator for about six months, is no stranger to controversy. She received significant backlash in October 2012, when she endorsed GOP nominee Mitt Romney for president. Dash had been a strong Obama supporter in 2008 but later said she had lost faith in him.

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When a Homophobic Cousin Attacked a Woman’s Marriage, He Helped Her Understand What True “Family” Means October 16, 2014

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100614 Robby Rikard

Once upon a time there were two cousins, Jessica and Robby. They grew up together in the warm and wet Mississippi back lands. They swam, they fished and Jessica loved and respected her cousin. He gave her the sense of understanding family and loyalty.

That sense of family and loyalty was upended completely recently when Robby recently ran to the American Family Association, an entity defined by the Southern Poverty Law Center as a “hate” organization, to get their help in humiliating and attacking Jessica’s marriage. Robby has never met Jessica’s husband.

Jessica and her husband, Nick, are legally married. Nick is a transgender male. A mutual friend introduced them a few years ago. Jessica states, “Nick has been my best friend since day one. We can always count on the other one during the hardest times in life. While he was in paramedic school, Nick felt my full encouragement…

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Desiderata for the Bullied

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Image Yesterday I made an “It Gets Better Video” for the large company at which I work.  Another friend and I got the project going several months ago, which culminated in our video shoot yesterday.  We looked for others in our company who had stories to tell, and I recruited my employees for a video producer, assistant director and crew.

Lights were set up, cameras and microphones were put in place and several of us sat in front of the camera and told you how we have been in similar places to where you are today.  We know the pain, and we know the anguish.  We shared with you about our stories of survival.  We shared about fulfilling lives that we each are grateful to be living today.  Lives on the other side of the bullying experience.  We want you to hear the message that it does and will get better.

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Olympic fencer Kamara James dead at 29 October 15, 2014

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Kamara James, who represented Team USA at the 2004 Olympic Games in fencing, has passed away at the age of 29.

USA Fencing posted the sad news on its official website and social media pages Tuesday, though it’s unclear exactly when James died.

James passed away in Modesto, California. She was born in Kingston, Jamaica, before moving to Queens, New York, at the age of 10. She received a full scholarship to Princeton, where she graduated in 2007.

USA Fencing President Don Anthony issued this statement on James:

Kamara James was one of the brightest, precocious, self-assured young people I ever met. From her time as a very young fencer at the Peter Westbrook Foundation to her years at Princeton as an accomplished Olympian she remained warm, caring and confident. Kamara’s untimely passing leaves our fencing community very saddened and her spirit, charm and wit will be dearly missed.

In a post…

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The Whiteness Project: White people talk about being white October 14, 2014

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Originally posted on theGrio:

Filmmaker Whitney Dow launched a new PBS project entitled “The Whiteness Project: Inside the White Caucasian Box,” this week.

The new video series “is a multi-platform investigation into how Americans who identify as ‘white’ experience their ethnicity.”

There is no punchline. This is not satire. This project is serious.

The first video, which aired on Oct. 6, showcased 24 white Americans living in Buffalo, New York.

Project creator Dow said in a series of tweets that “The Whiteness Project” is not “directed at POC, rather at WP to get them to start thinking about their own race and the role it plays in their lives (i.e. its not passive) Regarding Dear White People one thing I have learned in 18 years of making films on race is that white people don’t hear black people when they speak. Thus

Dow hopes to interview 1,000 white people from around the country, from all walks…

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Black inventors hailed for creating traffic lights, more October 11, 2014

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An internet giant has gotten behind an effort to educate the rest of us about who?s behind the invention of some of the things we use in our everyday lives.

It is at every major crossroad in the country, but who?s behind the common traffic signal?

?It was invented, actually patented in 1923 by Garrett Morgan,? said Tariq Muhammad Walker, the VP of BlackVoices.com.

Garrett Morgan was living in Cleveland at the time when he witnessed a traffic accident.

?..and he thought ?Hey there has got to be a way for people to control the flow of traffic, persons, and carriages,? continued Walker.

So Morgan came up with the T-shaped non-electric, hand cranked traffic signal. It was the forerunner of today?s modern traffic light. It was also during the early 1900?s that a young inventor in Lynchburg, Virginia came up with the idea of a chair that folded.

?Nathaniel Alexander…

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Simone Biles wins gymnastic gold, has run-in with bee on medal stand

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Reigning all-around gymnastics world champion, Simone Biles, won her second title at the World Gymnastics Championship on October 10.

The 17-year-old’s consecutive wins at the annual event mark the first time in 11 years that a woman has snagged consecutive all-around titles. Only six women have accomplished the feat in the event’s more than hundred year history.

The American gymnast wound up 0.466 points ahead of the silver medalist, Romania’s Larisa Andrea Iordache; another American, Kyla Ross, finished third. The event, held in Guangxi Gymnasium in Nanning China, saw more than 4,000 spectators turn out for the final.

After holding off Iordache on the four-apparatus final to retain her title, Giles faced some additional competition on the medals stand from an unexpected attendee. With her gold medal firmly placed around her neck, a bee hiding in her bouquet of flowers suddenly flew out, causing her to shriek, duck and…

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Idris Elba posts steamy workout video on Instagram October 9, 2014

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Needs more video!

Originally posted on theGrio:

Idris Elba is giving his more than 200,000 Instagram followers a surprise treat.

The 6’3″ actor showed off his impressive physique in a video of his training for his next film, Bastille Day.

Sweaty and wearing a simple pair of black shorts and a gold necklace, the 42-year-old star of The Wire revealed his workout regime.

Elba accompanied the video with the caption: “Training for my next Film. Bastille Day. Grinding.”

This embed is invalid

Bastille Day centers on a rogue CIA U.S. operative who is tasked with interrogating and eventually making a young American boy and con artist “disappear” in order to avoid embarrassment to the U.S. government after the boy is linked as the prime suspect to an attack on the Paris metro.

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First Ebola patient diagnosed in the US has died

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RIP – Thomas Eric Duncan

Originally posted on theGrio:

DALLAS (AP) — The first Ebola patient diagnosed in the United States died Wednesday morning in a Dallas hospital Wednesday, a hospital spokesman said.

Thomas Eric Duncan was pronounced dead at 7:51 a.m. at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas, where he was admitted Sept. 28 and has been kept in isolation, according to spokesman Wendell Watson.

Duncan’s condition was changed on Saturday from serious to critical.

Duncan carried the deadly virus with him from his home in Liberia, though he showed no signs when he left for the United States. He arrived in Dallas Sept. 20 and fell sick a few days later.

Others in Dallas still are being monitored as health officials try to contain the virus that has ravaged West Africa, with more than 3,400 people reported dead. They also trying to tamp down anxiety among residents frightened of contracting Ebola, though the disease can be spread only through…

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